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Include Additional Notification Emails

Keep Everyone In Your Family Informed

Each FamilyID account has just one Account Owner. This helps you have full control over the information you are providing about your family you sign people up for programs.

We're often asked if there is a way for multiple family members to stay informed when program providers send email updates through the FamilyID system. That is why we made it very easy for any Account Owner to add up to 5 different email addresses to keep family members informed and up-to-date when a school sends a notification. 

Do you want to make sure important people stay in-the-know? Read on for instructions on how to add email addresses to your account so that everyone is getting updates from your school in real-time.

Add Email Addresses & Keep Family Members Informed When a School Sends Updates

Log in to your FamilyID account and on the top right-hand corner of the page, scroll over your name and click  Profile from the menu. 

You will see a field titled Additional Notification Email(s) where you can input up to five email addresses, separated by commas. Registration information and other updates from the organization will be sent to both your Primary Account Email and any additional email addresses included here. Press Save to confirm your changes. 


Now, everyone listed in the Additional Notification Email(s) area will receive all registration email notifications as the primary account email listed on FamilyID. 

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