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Setting up Stripe/Creating a Stripe Payment Method

When creating a Stripe Payment Method within FamilyID, you are automatically re-directed to the Stripe website where you can either 'Create a New' or 'Log-in to an existing' Stripe account.

NOTE: A payment method created under a specific program will be available for use on all of your organization's programs.

Log-in to FamilyID and select the blue 'Programs' tab at the top of the screen.

Select the grey 'Edit' button associated with an existing program.


From the program editing wizard, click tab #6 for 'Payment'.


Select the green 'Create New Payment Method' button.

Choose 'Stripe' from the drop-down and name your payment method. Press the green 'save' button.

Once saved, you will be redirected to the Stripe website where you can either create a Stripe account or log-in to an existing one.  Once complete, you'll be brought back into FamilyID with the new payment method ready for use. 

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