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Set Your Default Profile

Did you know?

Every FamilyID user with an organization account also has a "family" account. Many of our organization users are not aware they have their very own family account to sign up for programs and activities! This article will show you how to toggle between your family account and your organization account. 

If you log in to FamilyID and think "something doesn't look quite right..." it's likely your default profile is set to your family account and not your organization account. This is easy to fix!

When you log in to, you will be brought to your default profile - either your Organization account or your Family account. This will be clear in the display of the screen when you log in. Your Organization account will display your Program list and have different icons than your Family account. Your Family account will display registrations you have submitted (if any).

To toggle between your accounts, click on the account name located on the right side of the top blue bar. As seen in the example below, you are currently viewing your organization "Organization: Cedar Valley Account". 

To toggle back to your "family" account, select the organization name and then select your "family account" listed in the drop-down menu. 

Your Family account will look like this, with "Dashboard, Find Programs, and Registrations" in the blue navigation bar:

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