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How do I join a live training webinar?

All you need to attend a webinar is your computer, a compatible web browser and a phone to listen to the audio portion of the session.

How to join a webinar

Open up a browser and go to the JoinMe Website. For best results we recommend the following:
  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above
  • Mac: Safari
  • Flash Player 10 installed and enabled in your web browser
After clicking the Join.Me website link your browser will direct you to the online meeting page.
  • You'll see 'locked meeting in progress', enter your name and click knock to join.
  • If you are the first person to join, wait for the others.
  • If nothing is being shared, wait for the organizer to share their screen.
To hear the webinar presenter speak:
  • Dial phone number 1-781-666-2350
  • Enter the conference ID access code 514-102-128#.

Keep in mind that when you participate in a webinar session there are usually many other people participating as well. That means that it is important for you to be ready to go when the session begins.

  • Try to log in 5–10 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Use your telephone or microphone's mute button if you have background noise in your computer area. Voices, ringing telephones and other noise can be distracting for webinar participants.
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