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Accepting an Invitation -Viewing Information Shared With You by Your Organization

To view information such as a list or roster of participants, you will need to be granted permission by your organization.  The account owner or administrator will grant these permissions by sending an invitation via email. Please check with your organization which email they have on file for you.

Here a few important notes regarding the invitation link you will receive: 

  • The invitation link in the email expires 4 days after the initial email is sent. 
  • You'll notice the link's expiration date/time is referenced at the bottom of the invitation email. 
  • If the link has expired, please reach out to your organization directly for a new link.

To accept the invitation once you have received it:

Locate the email from your organization and click the blue hyperlink:

If you already have a FamilyID account, choose Log In. If you do not yet have a FamilyID account, choose Create Account. 


  • Every FamilyID user with an organization account also has a Family Account. Many of our organization users are not aware they have their very own family account to sign up for programs and activities. This article will show you how to toggle between your Family Account and your Organization Account. 
  • There is no need to create a new account if you already have one. Simply log into your existing account and we will add the access to this organization to your account. 
  • If your account is with a different email, you may update your email in your Profile area once logged in. 
  • You may also update the email using the Reset Account Email feature. 
  • If you need assistance logging into your account, reach out to Support at

Once logged in, you'll be brought to your Reports tab where you will see all the reports you currently have access to. To view a particular report, select that report's name.

 If you've been authorized to access multiple reports, you'll receive an email for each of those reports. Once you accept an invitation, all reports will automatically appear in your account when shared with you as long as the reports are being sent to the same account the invite was accepted in. 

Email Reminders: After accepting an invitation, you may receive emails with a link to your reports at a set frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) depending on your organization's settings. If you want to change the frequency of the emails you receive, please reach out to your organization directly. 

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