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FamilyID Invitations

FamilyID Invitations is the best way to jumpstart online registration for your school or community program. 

The Invitations feature makes it easy to get your families started using FamilyID, help you promote your programs and activities, and also track who has — and who hasn't — completed required registration forms. Your families will receive an email with step-by-step instructions to:

  • Create a FamilyID account or connect to one they already have.
  • Verify that they are authorized to sign up for your programs and activities.
  • Assign student/membership IDs so you can link registrations with your internal records.
  • Register for a specific program.

To get started, follow the steps below:

Log-in to FamilyID and select Invitations on the blue menu bar at the top of the screen.

The   Invitations platform will open in a new tab. 
Here you will select the organization you want to use to send your invitation and receive replies. Select your organization to continue.

From your   Invitations dashboard, start by choosing the blue Add new invitation button and name your invitation. 
The Invitation Name is visible only to you and other users who log in to your FamilyID Invitations account and can be changed at any time. Once named, select Save & Continue.

You’ll notice three tabs running across the top of the page; Settings, Customize, Preview & Send. 
These three tabs make up the invitation creation wizard. Starting on tab 1, Settings, you’ll begin to form your invitation.

The first step is to choose who will receive your invitation. 
Recipients will receive an invitation via email to claim their FamilyID account. The invitation recipient should be the FamilyID account owner (typically a parent/guardian responsible for registering participants for programs and activities).

There’s no limit to the number of recipients you import. You can import recipients from up to four places:

  • A CSV file located on your computer or device.
  • A CSV file that was imported to a previously created invitation.
  • A full list of de-duplicated recipients which was sent as part of a previously created invitation
  • The list of participants from a previously created FamilyID program.
If importing recipients using a CSV file from your computer, your file must include A ccount Owner Email Address, Participant First Name, and Participant Last Name
If you'd also like to pre-populate Membership ID or Student ID you must also include this information in your CSV file. Duplicate records will be removed from your files.
When importing using a CSV, you’ll be required to map the fields in your file to the fields available in FamilyID. You should see your column headers in the Fields from file list. 
If you see participant names, your file does not have column headers and the first record will not be imported. If two or more of your recipient records have the same information for account email, participant first name, and participant last name, FamilyID will remove the duplicates.

When mapping your fields, notice that you can preview the recipients you’re importing by choosing the arrows above Preview on the right. Map to the required fields, and Membership/Student ID if necessary,  and then choose Save & Import.

Once imported, you’ll notice File Name referencing each of your selected imports listed.

Next, you can invite account owners to register participants for any program that is Open when the invitation is sent. 
FamilyID will direct the account owner to the program registration form you select. 
Select a program. 
The program needs to be open in order to send your invitation. Select either Do not invite recipient to a program or pick a listed program.

After choosing the program you want to direct participants to, select whether or not program registration is required. 
If not required, families will be given the option to continue to program registration after accepting the invitation. 
If required, they will be automatically directed to the program with a ‘draft’ registration already created.


Once complete, choose Save & Continue to move to tab #2 Customize. You can also save your progress by choosing Save and Finish Later.

From the Customize tab, craft the email your recipients will receive allowing them to accept their invitation to use FamilyID. 
Enter your email Subject Line, set who the email will come from, and assign an email address to receive replies. 
You can also customize the text in the blue area above the Accept This Invitation button. 
Customize the blue, customizable area, and scroll down the page.

You have the option to include the Authorized to Register agreement as part of your invitation. 
This agreement is meant to acknowledge that the family is legally authorized to register participants for programs with your school or community program. 
Simply click within the text editor and start typing if you'd like to make changes to the agreement text or the trashcan to remove this agreement from your invitation. 
Choose Save & Continue to preview your invitation.

From the Preview & Send tab, you can do just that. Scroll down to see your invitations details and read the email your families will receive in its entirety. You can preview what this email will look like for particular participants by clicking into the ‘Choose participant to preview’ box above the email preview. Once ready, choose the blue ‘Send Now’ button to send your invitations.

For information on the families' experience accepting your invitation and registering for a program, click here.

Now that your invitation is sent, choose ‘View Results’ to review the status of the individual emails sent and to send follow-up reminders.

From the table on the ‘Results’ tab, you can review each individual email that was sent. Scroll down the page to load more records.

Notice the participant's name and membership/student ID listed in column 1. The ‘Invitation status’ refers to whether or not they’ve accepted the invitation sent to them. The ‘registration’ refers to the program registration they’ve been invited to. The registration status will read ‘Submitted’ if registration was submitted, ‘Incomplete’ if it was never finished, ‘Declined’ if registration was optional and the family elected to not proceed, or ‘N/A’ if program registration was not included.

The email field contains the email address the invitation was sent to. The ‘Invitations’ column contains the date/time and the status of the email that was sent. You can change the email address by choosing the pencil icon next to the email address and inputting a new email. For example, if you notice in the ‘Invitations’ column that the invitation ‘bounced’ from an intended email destination you can change the email address in the ‘Email’ column.

To send a reminder, choose the checkbox to the left of a particular record and select ‘Send Reminder to Selected’. To remind all, choose the ‘Send reminder to all...’ link. If the recipient has not accepted your invitation, the original invitation will be re-sent. If the recipient has accepted your invitation but has not finished their program registration, they will be reminded to complete their registration. If all steps have been completed, no reminder will be sent.

Select the blue ‘View all invitations’ link in the top-right corner to return to your invitations dashboard.

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