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FamilyID® Pro Mobile App

The FamilyID® Pro mobile app gives coaches, instructors, and other staff the most efficient way to view rosters & emergency cards, track attendance, and send notifications to parents in real-time!

  • View Rosters: Immediate access to reports and rosters so there's no question about who should be on the field.
  • Access Emergency Cards: Critical health and emergency contact info at your fingertips should an emergency arise!
  • Track Attendance: Create instant attendance sheets for any class, event, field trip, game or practice.
  • Send Absence Notifications: Notify parents immediately of absences right from your mobile device.

The FamilyID® Pro app allows you to ensure coaches and instructors are doing their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate. To inquire about our app, please click here or contact

It’s also super simple for your coaches and instructors to get going!

To start, download the FamilyID® Pro app from the App Store via your Apple device or from the Google Play Store via your Android device.

Google Play

App Store

Once downloaded, log-in to your FamilyID account. If you’ve forgotten your password, or need to create a FamilyID account, please contact ‘’. 

Now that you’re logged in, select the organization you wish to access.

You will see three options, ‘Reports’, ‘Attendance’, and 'Messages'. You will also see a menu bar at the bottom of the screen to help you navigate easily while using the app. 

We’ll start with ‘Reports'. Tap on ‘Reports’  to see all the reports you have access to.

Each report has a default view of either ‘Table’ view or ‘Page’ view.

Tap a report to see the report in its default view. Pictured below is a report in ‘Table’ view. Table view shows all data included in the report for each participant included in the report. Select the ‘page’ icon in the top-right corner to toggle to the report’s ‘Page’ view.

Page view shows each individual participant’s name. Tap a participant’s name to view the full report details for that particular participant. To toggle back to the Table view, select the ‘table’ icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Tap the 'Home' button on the bottom of the screen to go back to the main menu.

Select the ‘Attendance’ icon on the home screen, or the menu on the bottom of the screen, to see all of your reports which have been attendance-enabled by your organization.

Tap the report you’d like to view/take attendance as part of.

Select any of your existing attendance sheets to view the details of that sheet or to make updates. Choose ‘Add Attendance Sheet’ to create a new sheet.

Name your attendance sheet and use the date and time pickers to add your event’s date and time. Once done, select ‘Create Attendance Sheet’.

Mark each student’s attendance status by tapping the checkbox to the right of their name. Each checkbox will start as ‘Not marked’ and each tap will cycle through the statuses ‘Present’, ‘Absent’ and ‘Not marked’.

Once marked, choose the blue ‘Send Absence Notification Emails’ button at the top of the attendance sheet to email the account owner email address of those you marked Absent,

Tap the 'Home' to return to the Home Page.

Select  ‘Messages’ on the bottom of the screen, to see all of your reports which have been message-enabled by your organization.

Select any of your existing reports to view messages that have been previously sent or choose ‘New Message’ to send a message. 

After selecting 'New Message', you will be brought to a screen where you will be prompted to type a subject and message. 

You will then need to select 'Choose Recipients' to select the recipients of the message.  You can either select all of the participants by clicking on the checkbox on the top or select individual participants by placing a check in the box on the right. Once you have chosen your recipients, you can send your message by selecting 'Send' or review your message by clicking on ' Back to message'.

After you have sent your message, you will be brought back to 'Messages' tab where you can read your message, see who received the message, and view the message details. 

Message Recipients:

Preview of message:

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