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User Roles & Privileges

Our ‘Roles & Privileges’ feature allows you to assign different access to FamilyID functionality for different groups of users.

This is the best way to manage the users you invite to your FamilyID account! You can use 'Roles & Privileges' to provide role-based control over the functions that are accessible to your users. For each role, you can select the privileges you want to grant, and update your selections at any time.


Our research has identified the most common use cases for different user roles.

  • Every account has one account Owner. This is the user who can assign Administrator privileges and access all features.
  • Administrator – Can perform the same actions as the Account Owner except for the ability to assign Administrator privileges and/or manage the Owner account.
  • Publisher – Perfect for anyone who runs programs/activities for your organization and collects registrations/payments. The Publisher cannot manage any user permissions.
  • Editor – Perfect for anyone who needs to review and make edits to information after a registration has been submitted. For example, an Editor may change a participant’s approval status from 'Not Approved' to 'Approved' if they are cleared to participate.
  • Viewer – Perfect for anyone overseeing an activity’s participants, such as a Coach, Teacher, or Chaperone. This role gives 'view-only' access to participant information.

Once a role is assigned, you can elect to grant the user all privileges within that role or pick-and-choose from the list of privileges. We have five standard, ready-to-use roles that make it a cinch to quickly grant the right level of system access. And if you want to customize, that's fine! Custom roles support countless permission combinations, extending your range of granular control.

Have someone involved in all aspects of your program setup? 
Give them the ‘Publisher’ role. 

But wait, your business office only needs permission to set up the program’s payment details? 
Give them access to just the ‘payment methods’ privilege as part of the ‘Publisher’ role.

Edit an Existing User's Role

Log in to your organization's FamilyID account and select ‘ Organizations’ from the blue navigation menu.

Select the white ‘ Users’ tab on the left side of the page.

Click the ‘badge’ of the user you’d like to edit. Note: All existing users, other than the owner, start in the ‘ Publisher’ role.

Scroll down and select the appropriate role, or update the privileges selected in the current role and select the blue ‘ Save’ button to save the settings for the user's updated privileges.

Assign roles for a new user

Log in to your organization's FamilyID account and select ‘ Organizations’ from the blue navigation menu.

Select the white ‘ Users’ tab on the left side of the page.

Scroll down the page and within your list of users, select the ‘ Add New’ button.

Input the user’s email, name, job title and then include a brief message to let them know you are inviting them to be a member of your organization's FamilyID account and then scroll down the page.

Designate the desired privileges for your new user and select the blue ‘Save’ button. This will trigger an email alert to the new user prompting them to accept your invitation via a link.

Did you know? 'Roles & Privileges' also gives you complete control when you share reports with individuals.

You can invite individuals to your organization's FamilyID account as an authorized 'Viewer' and allow them to log-in securely and view only the reports you'd like to share.

For a better understanding of our ‘Viewer’ role and 'Authorized Report Sharing' please refer to our 'Authorized Report Sharing Help Article.'

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