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Create a Report

FamilyID makes it easy to organize the data you collect from your registrants. We call this functionality Reports.   Rosters, emergency cards, class lists, etc. are all created in the Reports tab of your FamilyID account.

To create a report from scratch:

Select Reports then Registrations from the drop-down menu.

Select the  Create a  Report button.

Name your report and then select a filter.  A filter is what you want your report to base its information on.  You can filter a report by:

Next, in the Choose Fields area, select the information you want to include in your report. On the left, you’ll see a list of every available field of information.  The information available here is information either being asked on a registration form and/or internal fields that are assigned to the program. 

The fields you select for your report will appear in the column on the right. You can move the fields up or down so they display in the order you want by selecting the three grey bars next to the given field and dragging it up or down.

Under Report Settings, you can sort the information by three of the fields in the report. You can specify the order – either ascending or descending.  Last name or Program Sections are common fields to sort by.

 You can  select the format of the report, Table View, or Page View:

Table View (Table format):

Page View (One registration per page):

You can also select to enable the Attendance Tracking feature:

You can share the report under Share Report:

 You can set your reports to automatically generate an email granting access to your report on a regular basis (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to authorized viewers.

Once done, Hit Save and View to see your report.

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