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Free Trials

Free Trials are a great way to learn about a feature before adding it to your FamilyID Subscription.
To request a Free Trial of a feature, simply log-in to FamilyID, hover over the blue Free Trials tab at the top of the page, and choose Request Free Trial. Once requested, your account manager will be in touch to enable the feature.
In this article, learn about free trials of:


Let your registration data tell a visual story. Statistics allow you to transform your registrations into bar charts, pie charts, and timeline graphs in order to easily visualize participation and dollar value within and among your programs.

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Parent Notifications

Parent notifications give authorized users the ability to send individual or group email notifications to the family account owners of each participant in a report. These are one-way messages and all outbound notifications are stored in FamilyID.

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Invitations plus Registration all in one seamless, fulling integrated solution. Invitations make it easy to get your families started using FamilyID, allows you to easily distribute student IDs from your SIS or membership list, helps you promote your programs and activities, and also track who has — and who hasn't — completed required registration forms.

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Bulk Email

Send emails to a group of registrants all at once, directly from your registration list or report. Flexible "Send From" and "Reply-To" options plus a full history of all messages sent and who sent them.

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Attendance Tracking & Absence Notifications

Provide coaches, chaperones, and instructors with a quick and simple way to manage attendance and track event activity. Track attendance, customize attendance sheets to collect event-specific information (i.e. pitch count, COVID symptoms) and send absence notifications.

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FamilyID Pro Mobile App

FamilyID Pro gives coaches, instructors, and chaperones the most efficient way to view rosters and emergency cards, track attendance for events, and notify parents of absences.

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By enabling the Languages feature, families will be able to view your landing page and all of your programs in alternate languages. We offer English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, and Vietnamese. Content that is native to FamilyID, including headings and standard fields, will be automatically translated. You may add translations for your custom content on the Languages tab.

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