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Directions for Importing Student Data from FamilyID to ScheduleGalaxy

Go to the team page of the team for which you want to conduct the import.
Click on the Actions icon and choose your desired roster settings.

Again, in the Actions icon, click on Manage Team Members.

Click on the Connect to FamilyID icon at the top right of the page.
Log in to your Family ID account and select your Organization Name.
Select the Program and click the green Continue button.
Click on the green icon at the bottom, named "Import Registrations"
Registrations from FamilyID are in the left-hand column. Possible matches with students from your student management file (SchoolTool, PowerSchool) are in the right-hand column under ScheduleGalaxy. Click on the drop-down in ScheduleGalaxy and make sure you match the name on the ScheduleGalaxy side with the name on the FamilyID side. 
There may be multiple names in the ScheduleGalaxy drop-down. Make sure you choose the correct one and click on it. If there are no students in the ScheduleGalaxy drop-down, then that student isn’t in your student management file and you should check to determine whether he/she is a verified registered student. 
Parents may register their children with nicknames or enter the names all lower case or all upper case. It’s important to make these matches described above so that the nicknames or the all-upper-case names don’t come over to your rosters.
Once you’ve finished the matching process, click on the green icon at the bottom "Import Students". It will display the students that have been imported to that particular roster. Click on the hyperlinked team name at the top and it will bring you to the team page where you will see the roster with the imported names. There you can edit in uniform numbers and other information as desired, including their preferred names.

Things to note:

You will see on the roster page a red icon that says, “Roster not Published,” which means that you see the roster, but the public does not. To release the roster for public view, click on the action item next to that icon and choose"Publish Roster".Depending on when cuts are made, hold that roster from public view until it’s finalized.
If you have no Student Management file (e.g. SchoolTool, PowerSchool, etc.), the FamilyID import will become your student file in ScheduleGalaxy. This file, like your Student Management file, will track athletic participation and allow you to enter awards for athletes.
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