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Creating Team Levels

Do you need to create Team Levels for your program? Creating a Section Option will allow you to do just that.

Please note that section options only apply to the section it is associated with. 

To create Team Levels for a program:

Log into your FamilyID account and select  Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Select the  Edit button associated with the program you would like to add the section option. 
Choose the 2nd tab on the program,  Sections.

Choose the down arrow next to the Edit button associated with the section you would like to add the section option to. Select CREATE NEW OPTION.

Name your Section Option Team Level.  Select whether there is a price or percentage associated with your Section Optio n.  If there's no price, select No prices.

To create each Team Level, you will need to create   Alternatives.  The Alternatives will be each of your Team Levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified, etc. After typing each Alternative, make sure to hit the + sign to save the option. 
If the Alternative has a space limit, you can use the Spaces box. If there is no limit, leave blank. 

Once you have created all of the  Alternatives,  make sure to select whether families can only select one option or multiple options. If you are using space limits, you also have the option of allowing families to see how many spaces are left. 
Make sure to hit Save once you are done. 

Your Section Option is now available:

You can view and update the Section Option directly in your Registration List (Filled Number) or directly in a registration.

Organization's Registration List:

Family's Side of Registration:

If you prefer to keep the Team Levels hidden from families, you can use the Keep Hidden feature. This feature will allow you to keep your Section Option available only for your organization.  Families and participants will be unable to see this section option on the registration form.

Active Dates can be used to make  Section Option available during a certain time period. 
If you make the  Section Option required, families will not be able to submit the registration without selecting the required section Option. 
If the Eligibility Requirement is selected, families will need to provide more information on why they are selecting the option chosen. 
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