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Active Dates for Sections

If you have a program with sections that open for registration at different times, you may use the new Active Dates feature to hide sections and have them open/close automatically on a date of your choice.

For example, let’s say your High School sports and Middle School sports are a part of the same program. You can open your program on August 10th, but might not allow the Middle School sports to be registered for until August 17th -- you can set your Middle School sports so that they do not become  active, meaning available to be registered for, until August 17th.

You can also use the Active Dates feature in other areas of FamilyID, such as Section Options and Add-ons, which can help you further customize how you want the different aspects of your FamilyID program page to appear for participants.

Log in to your FamilyID organization account and select Programs from the blue navigation menu.

Choose Edit on the program you’re looking to update. 

Select tab #2 Sections.

Select  Create New Section or Edit on an existing section.

Make sure all the required fields in your section are complete. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Note: Section dates refer to the dates the offering runs through. So, if the Football season runs from August 17th - November 20th, you’d input those dates.

Scroll to the bottom and checkmark the Active Dates box.

Input the dates the section should be able to be registered for. Input a Start and End Date, or just a Start Date or just an End Date. Choose the Save button.

Sections with Active Dates will show the dates in the Sections tab. 

Save at the bottom of the page to save your updates. 

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