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Edit a Program

If your program is already open and has registrations, please close your program before making any changes. You can edit your FamilyID registration form at any time. 
Log in to your FamilyID account and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.
Click the Edit button next to the program you want to update. This will direct you to the Program Editing Wizard.

The Edit Program Wizard has eight tabs, numbered 1-8. Click on the tab you want to edit and update your information. Then click 'SAVE' or 'SAVE AND CONTINUE'. The tabs are...
  1. Description: General information about your program
  2. Sections: Your sports or sections for registration. [Optional] Section options that only apply to the section it is associated with
  3. [Optional]  Add-on: These apply to entire program. Typically used for payment adjustments such as administrative fees, discounts or family price cap.
  4. Participant: Information you are collecting of the registrant
  5. Agreements: Agreements must be signed to participate in the program. Policies are for the registrant to view prior to completing registration.
  6. Payment: Your payment options. Please remember to include any Refund Instructions if your program has any fees associated with it.
  7. Discovery: Complete the information to make it easier for people to find your Programs.
  8. Publishing: Under DISPLAY ON FAMILYID, select 'Public' to make it seen by anyone or 'Private' so no one is able to view it.  Under OPEN REGISTRATION this can be set to 'Open' or 'Closed'. 'Open' = anyone can register for the program. 'Closed' = this program will not allow for registrations.  You can set the dates in advance for both the DISPLAY ON FAMILYID private/public and OPEN REGISTRATION open/closed. Review your program and make sure to select the  'APPROVE AND SAVE' button at the bottom of this page to finish creating your program.

    NOTE: If you set the DISPLAY = PRIVATE and OPEN REGISTRATION = OPEN, you can give the direct link for someone to register without opening up the entire program.

    Do not forget to click  'Save and Continue' before proceeding to the next tab.


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