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Create a PayPal Payment Method

Once you've set up your PayPal business account, you can create a PayPal payment method within FamilyID.

Log-in to FamilyID and select the blue 'Organization' tab at the top of the screen.

 Select 'Payment Methods' from the white menu on the left.

Select the green 'Create New Payment Method' button and choose 'PayPal' from the drop-down within the pop-up window.

Name the payment method, input your PayPal business account email address and choose the green 'Save' button.

Once saved, you will be prompted to assign the payment method to your programs. Select any programs you wish to actively offer this payment method as part of and choose the green 'save' button.

To link this payment method to FamilyID, choose 'Account must be authorized'.

Log-in or sign-up with PayPal.

Once complete, choose 'Go back to FamilyID' and you're ready to accept payments via PayPal.

You can view this payment method on an individual program by selecting the blue 'Programs' tab, followed by the grey 'Edit' button associated with a particular program. Click tab '6 - Payment Methods' to view the payment method(s).

Note: If you are yet to set up your PayPal business account, instruction is located below.

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