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Create a Program

Creating a brand new program on FamilyID is simple and will only take you a few minutes. Keep in mind that if you wish to create a form similar to an already existing program on FamilyID, we strongly recommend cloning your previous program. Click here for step by step instructions on cloning. 

To create a program on FamilyID, log in to your organization account and select the 1. To create a program on FamilyID, log in to your organization account and select the ‘PROGRAMS’ tab at the top of the page.

Select the green ‘CREATE A NEW PROGRAM’ button to start the process.

The new program wizard has eight steps. The first step is the (1) ‘Description’ tab where you will fill in some general information about your program. 

Note: Always choose the ‘SAVE’ or ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’ button at the bottom of each step to save your progress.  Clicking through the tabs will not save your information.

After selecting ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’ you will be brought to the second tab where you can create your sports or sections for registration. Choose “CREATE NEW SECTION', and input information in to the required fields. 

If your program does not have payment for any section, make sure to click "NO FEE". This will remove pricing from all of your sections and mark each as having No Fee. 

Then select the green "SAVE" or "SAVE AND CONTINUE" button at the bottom of the page to save your information. 

At this step, you are able to create add-ons, which are optional fields. Add-ons are typically used for payment adjustments and these apply for the entire program. (for example, reduced lunch, an administrative fee, fee discount or a family price cap)

The next step is the (4) 'Participant' tab, where you will choose which fields are needed in your registration form. Select the fields which you want to display on your registration form, then determine those that are required by checking on the Required checkbox.

If there are additional fields that you need and are not listed here, you have the ability to create your own custom fields. Click a ‘+’ sign associated with the field grouping to add a custom field.

When done, click 'SAVE' or ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’ at the bottom of the page.

From the (5) 'Agreement/Policies' tab you may create agreements that must be signed to participate in the program. Users can electronically sign ‘agreements’ to confirm their permission or approval. Policies are created for families/registrants to view prior to completing registration. Registrants do not need to sign policies.


 On the (6) ‘Payment’ tab you can choose which payment methods you would like to offer. You have the ability to offer payment directly through FamilyID (our payment processors are MySchoolBucks, Stripe, and PayPal) or Other Method payments (such as cash, check, or a third party payment processor). Choose 'CREATE NEW PAYMENT METHOD' and choose a payment method. Then input all required information. 

NOTE: Refund Instructions - If your program has any fees associated with it, please include information on how to request a refund.

On the (7) DISCOVERY tab, you will have the option to put in information about the types of participants you are trying to attract. The fields on this tab are optional. When you are finished, click "SAVE" or "SAVE AND CONTINUE" at the bottom. The next step is to publish your program.

Under DISPLAY ON FAMILYID, select 'Public' to make it seen by anyone on FamilyID. Marking your program as Private means that it is hidden from registrants on FamilyID.

NOTE: If you set the DISPLAY = PRIVATE and OPEN REGISTRATION = OPEN, you can give the direct link for someone to register without opening up the entire program.

Under OPEN REGISTRATION, select Open. Open means that families are able to go in and register. Closed means that no participants are able to register for that program.

Under both OPEN REGISTRATION and DISPLAY ON FAMILYID, you will be able to change the dates. This will tell FamilyID how long to make the program Public and Open for registrations. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'APPROVE AND SAVE' button to finish creating your program.

Now that your program is open, you are prompted to 'Tweet' the link to your form. Select 'Click to Tweet', which will open Twitter in a new tab. Log-in to Twitter, and once logged-in, a pre-populated tweet with the link to your form will display. If you would rather not 'Tweet' the link to your form, select the 'X' in the top-right corner of the "Click to Tweet" window.

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