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Mobile App Pro Bundle Features

With the Mobile App Pro Bundle, you have access to the following features:

  • Mobile App
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Parent Notifications/One-way group email notifications

FamilyID® Pro Mobile App 

The FamilyID® Pro Mobile App gives coaches, instructors, and other staff the most efficient way to view important information you choose to share with them.

Your mobile app users can:

  • View Rosters: Immediate access to reports and rosters so there's no question about who should be on the field.
  • Access Emergency Cards: Critical health and emergency contact info at your fingertips should an emergency arise!
  • Track Attendance: Create instant attendance sheets for any class, event, field trip, game or practice.
  • Send Absence Notifications: Notify parents immediately of absences right from your mobile device.

The FamilyID® Pro Mobile App allows you to ensure coaches and instructors are doing their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate. 

To read more on the  FamilyID® Pro Mobile App and how to use it, click HERE.

Attendance Tracking

By enabling Attendance Tracking you can give coaches, chaperones, and program leaders a quick and simple way to take attendance for each event.

With Attendance Tracking you:

  •  Allow users with access to an attendance-enabled report to record whether each participant is present or absent. 
  •  Can enable Attendance Tracking + Absence Notifications which allows the user to send a notification email to the family account owner when the participant is marked as absent.
  • Can be used on the FamilyID® Pro Mobile App 

To learn how to enable Attendance Tracking on your reports, click HERE.

To learn more about how to use Attendance Tracking, click HERE.

Parent Notifications/One-way Group Email Notifications

One Way/Parent Notifications an easy way for your mobile app user to send out important information to those individuals listed on reports that are being shared with them. 

With the Parent Notifications/One-way Group Email Notifications feature, your users will be able to:

  • Notify families of upcoming events or new programs.
  • Email families to inform them of upcoming practice dates or cancellations.
  • Email families regarding any important information that needs to be shared.
  • Send individual or bulk messages to the recipient(s) of their choosing.
  • View history of messages sent.

For more information on how to send messages from the FamilyID® Pro Mobile App, click HERE.

If you have any questions regarding these features, please contact your Account Team. 

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