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Finding a Program

Are you registering on FamilyID for the first time? Are you a returning user but don't seem to remember how to find your organization and register for a program?


When you first log into your account,  you will be brought to your Dashboard


Type the name of the organization you are looking to register for in the search box that reads Type organization name or keyword to find a program.


After typing the name click Find.


You will be taken to the results of your search. Find the program you are interested in and select the blue link with the program’s title to head to the registration page. This will take you to the registration form for that program. 

Important: To ensure you register for the right program, please make sure to confirm the name and state of the organization.


If you have registered on FamilyID in the past, you will see a list of organizations listed on your  Dashboard.

 You may also click on the name of the organization if it is listed on your Dashboard, to be directed to that organization's main page or, Landing Page. The Landing Page will have information specific to that organization such as contact information and program information.

Note: If no blue links are available or you see a message that states "No programs are available by your organization" this means your organization currently does not have any open programs. You will need to reach out to the school or organization directly for more information on how or when you can register. 

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