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Create a Deposit Payment Method

Once you've set up either a MySchoolBucks, Stripe, or PayPal business account, you can create a deposit payment method within FamilyID.

Log-in to FamilyID and select the Edit button to the right of your program you want to set up the deposit payment for.

Select Tab 6, Payment.

If the payment method you want to use is not selected, select it at this time. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Payment schedule select Deposit.

You now have the option to indicate how much you want the deposit payment to be. This will be the minimum payment for the program. At the time of registration submission, the family will have the option to pay any amount of the total, but nothing less than this Deposit amount.

The next options are how you would like to then collect the remaining balance after a deposit has been made.

- FamilyID = The family can only pay the remaining balance on FamilyID.

- Other Method = The family cannot make any additional payment on FamilyID and you would like them to pay the remainder else-where. When selecting this, you will then be prompted to give additional payment instructions so the families know how to pay the remaining balance.

- FamilyID or Other Method = Gives the families the option to pay either way. 

Make your selection and then click Save or Save and Continue.
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