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Download Files Uploaded to a Report's Registrations

Looking to download ALL files uploaded to ALLregistrations on your report? With our new ‘Download File Uploads’ feature, you can download files uploaded by the family and those uploaded by your organization internally with the click of a button. To get started…

1. Access a Report or your Program’s filled number.

2. Make sure the file upload fields are included as fields on your report. If they are not, choose ‘Edit’ via the ‘Table View’ drop-down and add the upload fields to your report. For example, if you have a field that the families upload physicals to and also have an internal field that you upload physicals to, you’d want to add both fields to your report in order to download the contents of both at once.

3. Once all file upload fields you want to download the contents of have been added to your report, click the down-arrow next to ‘Table View’ and choose ‘Download File Uploads’.

4. Once the download is prepared, click the blue ‘Download’ button and open the zip file.

The download will be structured as follows:

Report Name-DateDownloaded_TimeDownloaded (Zip Folder)

---Field Name (Folder)

------Participant-Name_Registration ID (File)

------Participant-Name_Registration ID (File)

---Field Name (Folder)

------Participant-Name_Registration ID (File)

------Participant-Name_Registration ID (File)

------Participant-Name_Registration ID (File)

So, for example...


---Most Recent Physical



---Nurse Physical Upload



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