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FamilyID + Schedule Star

FamilyID is partnered with Schedule Star, a market leader in athletic-management software to thousands of schools and leagues. Schedule Star’s product allows Athletic Directors to save time by transferring athlete data directly from FamilyID into Schedule Star enabling automatic athlete roster creation. 

Schools using this integration must have subscriptions with both FamilyID and Schedule Star. 

The owner, and any administrators, of your school’s FamilyID account, can enable the Schedule Star integration. As the account owner, you can assign any of your FamilyID users to the administrator role; specifically, the ‘Connect to other software (API)’ privilege as this will give them the ability to transfer athlete data directly from FamilyID into Schedule Star. If your FamilyID subscription does not include the ability to assign users to specific ‘Roles + Privileges’, then only the account owner can enable the integration. To learn more about our ‘Roles + Privileges’ feature, please click here.

If you are interested in activating the FamilyID and Schedule Star integration, please call (866) 448-9438 x4, email or click to contact the Schedule Star team. 

For help with enabling your existing FamilyID and Schedule Star integration, please click here for support options from Schedule Star. 

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