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Why Am I Receiving Emails Stating Registration Is Incomplete?

Do you believe you have completed your registration but you are receiving stating your registration is incomplete? You can log into your account to confirm whether or not your registration is incomplete or submitted. 

Log in to your FamilyID account and select ‘Registrations’ in the blue navigation bar. 


Here, you will see a full list of your registrations. This includes 'Correction 'Required', 'Not Submitted', 'Completed' and 'Canceled' registrations.  Take a look to see if there are any registrations that are under the Not Submitted area that may be exact or similar to a registration under completed registrations. If so, this is what is triggering the duplicate emails. Press Cancel under Edit or Complete to cancel the incomplete registration. 

If you do not see a completed registration, select Edit or Complete on the Not Submitted registration to finish the registration process for your incomplete registration.


After clicking Edit or Complete, you will be brought to your registration summary. Carefully read the instructions in the Payment Details area of the Summary Page and select the appropriate button (either  'Pay & Submit' or 'Submit' to complete your registration. Once complete, email confirmations are sent to you and the organization.

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