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Standardized 'Concerns and Comments'

In an effort to empower schools, community organizations and families to ensure their data collection and data sharing are meeting best practices, FamilyID has recently rolled out a new set of standard questions in the ‘ Concerns and Comments' area of our registration form.

Earlier this year our team conducted a full audit of the custom questions that thousands of organizations have created in the  since 2010. The vast majority were derivatives of questions from the ‘ Preparticipation Physical Evaluation History Form’ published by American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, and has been endorsed by multiple stakeholder medical societies.

When comparing the custom questions to the most up-to-date 'PPE History Form' we found the variations in the custom questions were minimal, and it was immediately clear that we had an opportunity to help our organizations improve their data collection practices and adhere to a more up-to-date standard.

When a family completes a registration on FamilyID, the system saves the information for the families to reuse for multiple programs. Standardizing our  Concerns and Comments questions improves families ability to ensure their data is portable across school and community programs and as students matriculate through school.

With our new  Concerns and Comments questions schools and community organizations can rest assured their data collection is meeting best practices and at any given moment they have the ability to isolate a piece of information about a student and know that it is timely and accurate.

Whether you’re cloning an existing program to create a new one or editing a program which is yet to accept registrations, we recommend using these updated questions on your registration form.

To begin, locate the program you’d like to update and choose the Edit button on the right. If cloning a program, make any necessary updates through the first three tabs and then proceed to tab #4, Participant, where these updates can be made.

Note: Only update programs which have zero registrations.

Select tab 4, Participant

Scroll down to the  Concerns and Comments area where you will see a number of new questions within a variety of aptly titled ‘ Form Blocks’. Each question falls under a form block (e.g Health/Medical) with a label (e.g. Asthma) and a description to help further answer the question (e.g. Has participant ever been told by their health care provider they have asthma?).  

Select all the questions you’d like to include. While many questions are brand new, some previously used questions have been moved to new form blocks. For example, if you’ve used the ‘Epi-pen’ question under ‘Health/Medical in the past, we would recommend de-selecting that field and instead, use ‘Epi-pen’ under the new ‘Allergies’ form block. 

Once finished selecting your questions, choose Save at the bottom of the page.

Note: If creating reports for programs which use the new questions, remember to add the new questions to your new report as well.

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