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Ensure You Receive Current Data from Families

If you want the most recent participant data, don't collect multiple seasons on one form (pretty please).

In order to ensure your participant data is always current, you'll want to collect registrations at the start of each program and/or sports season.  FamilyID is NOT intended to be used to collect a full year of activities/sports on one form. 

Most schools find that collecting registrations prior to the start of each session and/or sports season is beneficial because:

  • You’ll receive updated data for each new season (e.g.: If an athlete gets a concussion, or changes insurance after their fall registration, you will receive this new and updated information when they sign up for the next season's sports).
  • Some states require parents to update and sign-off on health information within a very specific period prior to the start of a season.
  • You will avoid athletes signing-up for a sport and then deciding they want to add on additional sports at a later date -- which may result in families submitting duplicate registrations and creating more work for your team.
  • Maintaining single-season programs allows your staff to better enforce registration deadlines. Your staff can communicate a deadline and then close registration for the program.
  • Reports will be more accurate and registration lists will be more concise/easier to manage and view, without the need to create as multiple custom reports and manipulate data in excel.

We highly recommend opening a new program each sports season to ensure you receive all the benefits of fresh information without making it burdensome on families.

Remember once a families’ information is saved in FamilyID, it will only take minutes (sometimes seconds!!) for them to complete future registrations -- the form auto-fills for them the next time around. That's one of the key benefits of FamilyID:  Data is auto-saved for families and always up-to-date for program providers.

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