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Accept an Invitation as a Family/Participant

Received an invitation to register for a program?

Your school or community organization is inviting you to use FamilyID online registration to sign up for programs and activities. This help article will give you step by step instructions on how to accept the invitation and review the data that the organization may have pre-populated for you to help give you a jumpstart.

As part of the invitation you’ve received, your school or community organization may need  you to take any or all of the following actions: 

  • Create a FamilyID account or log into your existing account.
  • Match data they have on file with data in your FamilyID account.
  • Verify that you are authorized to sign up for programs and activities.
  • Link your student/membership ID with their internal records.
  • Register for a specific program.

Let's begin:


To start, review the organization's invitation email for any specific instruction and then choose the blue Accept Invitation button.

After clicking the invitation link, you’ll be asked to create, or log-in to, a FamilyID account. 
If you've never used FamilyID before, create your FamilyID account. If you already have a FamilyID account, log in to your existing account. Do not create a new one.

Once logged in to your account, let's make sure your info matches the data your school or community program has provided. 
Take a moment to match up the provided data with the data in your FamilyID account. You'll also need to select how you would like the participant's name to display in FamilyID before you can click the Accept Invitation button.

Under the  My FamilyID Information heading, use the drop-down menu to select which family member the data provided matches with. If there are no matches listed, choose  No match; Add new person. 
If your organization has provided data for ‘Deidre Dacruz’, for example, and in your FamilyID account you have the same student listed as ‘Dee Dacruz’, you would want to match the two. In the next column, choose how the name should display going forward, by selecting either 'Deidre Dacruz' or 'Dee Dacruz' in the drop-down menu.

If an ‘authorized to register’ agreement is listed, check the box to the left of the agreement to complete. Once done, select Accept  Invitation.

If your school or community program has NOT invited you to register for a program then you are all set! You will be directed to the organization’s landing page where you’ll see their programs listed along with any other pertinent information.
 If you’ve been invited to register for a program but registration is not required, you’ll have the option to Register Now. 

After continuing, or if it is required that you register for a program, you will be brought to the organization’s program in FamilyID with some of your information pre-populated. 
Select the S ection  you are registering for and then scroll down the form to complete all required fields. Once complete, choose the  Continue button.

If all required fields are complete you’ll be brought to a summary screen where you can then Submit or Pay & Submit your registration. Once you have successfully submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

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