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Unable to Continue While Completing Registration

IMPORTANT: In order to save and complete a registration form all fields with a red asterisk (*) must be completed. This includes selecting a section. 

Having trouble completing a registration?

If you click the  Continue button after filling out a registration form and do NOT advance to the next page where you see a message that says Your Registration is Not Yet Submitted there is most likely missing information somewhere on your registration form. The form will direct you to the area where information is required or may have been entered incorrectly. 

Review that data is entered in all required fields (fields with a red asterisk).  All missing fields will be highlighted in red. Correct any errors or formatting that you may have missed. Email addresses must be in the correct format with both an '@" symbol and a ".com, .net, .org"  and phone numbers must include valid area code. In addition, make certain you have selected YES or NO for all health/medical questions and they are highlighted in either green or red. If you selected YES for any of these medical questions you must provide an explanation in the box beside it. 

Common missing information:

Complete all fields and select the blue  Continue button. 

When you have successfully filled in all required fields, you will be directed to a  Summary screen where you can select either the blue Submit button on the page to submit your registration. If your organization is accepting online payments the blue-button may read Pay & Submit. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your registration is complete.

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