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Upload a File (such as a Physical) to a Completed Registration

NOTE: You will need an electronic copy of your document or form in order to upload the file to your registration. If you cannot locate the blue 'Choose File' button displayed in Step 3 below, please contact support.

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Registrations in the blue navigation bar. 

Locate the completed registration you need to upload the physical form. Under the Summary button, click Add or Update Info.  

Scroll through the registration form until you locate a blue button that reads Choose File. Add your file by clicking on the blue  Choose File button. Browse to find the file on your device and then click  OPEN.  Below is an example of the button on a sample registration form.  

NOTE: The upload area may look slightly different depending on the browser or device being used. To upload multiple files, press and hold the CTRL key while selecting the files.  When done, click on the Open button. If you can not locate the blue Choose File button please save your registration contact support. 

Verify that the file(s) has (have) been uploaded to your registration form. To confirm the correct document has been uploaded, click on the name of the document. This will open up a new window letting you view the document. 

Click the blue  Save button at the bottom of the page to finalize your changes and notify the school.

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