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Add Family Members to Your Account

Family members are automatically added to your FamilyID account after you have completed registration. Once you complete a registration form the participant's information will be stored in your Profile as part of your Family Members for future use.

NOTE: Family members can ONLY be added to your account through a completed registration with an organization. You cannot add family members to your account manually by editing your profile in anticipation of future registrations. 

You can add new family members to your FamilyID account by creating a new participant on a registration form. You have the option to use an existing person OR create a new person:

Information such as an address, emergency contacts, parent/guardian, physician, and insurance will be available to use for the new participant. You will just need to add the new participant's personal information such as name, birth date, age, medical questions, etc. 

For more information on how to register as a new user and add Family Members to your account, click HERE.

If you have an existing account and need to add a new Family Member to your account, click HERE.

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