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Internal Field Type: Expiration Date

We now offer an Internal Field type called 'Expiration Date'. The Expiration Date field allows you to input a date (such as a physical date) into an Internal Field and then select a time interval to calculate when this date will expire. You also have the ability to send a reminder of the expiration to yourself and/or the family.

Create an internal field by selecting your 'ORGANIZATION' at the top of the screen.

You will then choose 'INTERNAL FIELDS' and select 'CREATE INTERNAL FIELD'.

Select 'Expiration Date' as your field type which will prompt a few more fields.

NOTE: If you already have a date field as an Internal Field and you'd like to change it to an expiration date field, select 'EDIT' on the Internal Field and change the field type to 'Expiration Date'.

You will input an interval to calculate when the date will expire.

For example, if physicals are valid in your state for 12 months, you may input 1 Year(s) or toggle over to input 12 Month(s). The expiration date will then be calculated based on the date you enter in the internal field on a student's individual registration. You may then choose how many days prior to expiration you'd like to be notified and can also choose who receives this reminder. The reminder can be sent to you - being the organization, the participant's account email or both. You can also include a custom note with the reminder, giving families next step instruction. Decide if you'd like this data to apply to future registrations and whether you want families to be able to see this field and then press 'SAVE INTERNAL FIELD'.

Now that you have created the Internal Field, the next step is to assign it to a program. To assign it to a program, select the number listed under the 'Assigned to Programs' heading for that Internal Field. Check-off any programs you'd like field assigned to and choose 'SAVE' to confirm your selection.

At this point the Internal Field has been created and assigned to a program. We can now input data into the field to see it at work. Go to 'PROGRAM'  and select the 'FILLED' number in the oval associated with the program you assigned the internal field to.

Select the down arrow next to the grey 'VIEW' button on a student's registration and select 'EDIT' to see your Internal Fields and input information.

Under the 'INTERNAL FIELDS' heading, you will see the expiration date field we created. In this example we will input the date of the student's physical and the system will calculate its expiration date based on the criteria we gave when we created the field. Select 'SAVE AND CONTINUE' anywhere on this page to confirm your selection(s).

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