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Organize, Sort and Edit Reports

Our Reporting interface is designed with your specific needs in mind. This article will cover how to customize the way your registrations are displayed, different sorting options, how to view full registrations from your list and how to make bulk edits from your registrations view.

Edit fields directly in the table view. 

You can edit a registration's different statuses and internal fields directly in the table by clicking into the appropriate box.

Re-order your columns by drag & drop.

Directly from your table view, you can click and drag to re-order how your columns appear.

Sort columns by clicking on the column header.

By selecting the column header on ANY displayed field, sort in ascending or descending order.

Edit more than one registration at a time by selecting the checkbox and selecting status updates OR internal field updates.

Update multiple statuses and/or internal fields at once without delving into the full registration. Even update this information for multiple registrants at a time. Select at least one registration using the checkboxes on the left to make these updates.

View or edit a full registration directly from your report.

When viewing a report, you now have the ability to View or Edit a full registration by utilizing the VIEW or EDIT buttons on the right.

Customize the way you view your registrations list

Customize the way you view your registrations list the same way you would a report by going through the Filled Number, selecting Table View at the top of the page and choosing EDIT in the drop-down menu. Update your displayed fields and sorting options, this will update the view for that particular program and all of its sections going forward.

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