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Editing Reports

Log in to FamilyID and hover over the 'REPORTS' tab, then select 'REGISTRATIONS' at the top of the screen.

Locate the report you want to edit, and select the down arrow next to the 'TABLE VIEW' button. Choose 'EDIT/SHARE'.

The 'edit' screen looks like the 'CREATE A REPORT' screen. Customize your report by changing your filter, changing the fields that appear in Choose Fields, etc.


Reorder Fields

There is a three-line icon to the left of each field name in the 'ORDER FIELDS' section. When you hover over the icon, your cursor changes to a compass cursor. Click and hold the mouse to drag this field up or down, reordering how it appears in the report. 

In this report, the fields will appear in the order you specified. Select the 'SAVE & VIEW' button at the bottom to complete this process.

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