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Creating & Sharing Reports

FamilyID makes it easy to organize the data you collect from your registrants. We call this functionality, Reports. Your Rosters, Emergency Cards, Class Lists, are all created in the "Reports" tab of your FamilyID account. You can even set your reports to automatically generate and send via email to one or more recipients.


View your existing reports

You can create an unlimited number of reports. To access your Reports, hover over the 'REPORTS' tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the page, then select Registrations in the drop-down menu. 

You will see your reports listed on this page. The down-arrow associated with the 'TABLE VIEW'  button will allow you to view the report in table view, page view, download the contents of the report to CSV or PDF, edit/share the report, clone the report to create an exact copy, share a public link, or delete the report.

Create and edit custom reports

To create a new report, select the blue 'CREATE A REPORT' button.

Name your report and then select a filter. 

You can filter by Programs and Sections, Program Add-Ons, Registration Date (to find registrations that were submitted within a specific date range), Payment Status, Approval Status, Registrant Name, Invitation Status and/or Internal Fields.

Next, select the information you want to include in your report. On the left, you’ll see a list of every available field of information. 

The fields you select for your report will appear in the column on the right. You can move the fields up or down so they display in the order you want by selecting the three grey bars next to the given field and dragging it up or down.

You can sort the information by three of the fields in the report, and specify the order – either ascending or descending.  Last name or Program Sections are common fields to sort by.

Securely share reports

Share your report with one or more recipients by clicking on the 'Share access to this report' checkbox and entering the information requested. Those you've authorized to view the report will receive an email granting them access. If you choose to send periodic emails, the email will be generated and sent via email between 4 am and 6 am EST to the recipient email addresses.

You also have the ability to allow them to make any internal registration data change. This includes approval, payment, and registration statuses and internal fields.

You may also choose to allow them to message the FamilyID account owners. This will let them email the account owners of the participants in their report. For example, a Coach may want to alert all of the parents that practice has been moved today due to weather.

Now click 'SAVE AND VIEW' and you're done!

Sharing Reports via a Live or Public Link

Sometimes there's a need to share a live, public link to a report. For example, you may want to post tonight's roster on your Athletics website homepage. The best way to share a report meant for the public is via a live, or public link.

Generating a public link is quite easy.


When viewing your report, click the down-arrow next to the 'TABLE VIEW' button and select 'PUBLIC LINK' to generate a live link to the report.

You will then see a pop-up window asking you to agree to the fact that you know this link is live and 'PUBLIC'. Check the box and click 'GENERATE PUBLIC NON-SECURE LINK'.

Copy the link and Send this URL directly to a desired recipient and they will be able to view a table view or page view of the current report. 

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