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Add a Registration to a Program

As an Organization, you have the capability to add a registration from your Organization account if someone is not able to connect online or does not have an email address. This is called a provisioned registration.


  • If the registrant does not have a FamilyID account, you may enter their email address on the registration form. They will receive an invite to create an account and then activate their account to see their completed registration.
  • If the registrant does not wish to create an email account or does not have an email, you may enter your organization email address to receive confirmation.
  • If the participant's email account is active in FamilyID, they can edit the registration once it has been submitted. Otherwise, for future registrations, this information will not be available and will need to be entered again. 
Go to your 'PROGRAMS' tab, locate the program you wish to add a registration for.

Click the down arrow next to the 'EDIT' button for that program. Select 'ADD REGISTRATION'.

This will take you to the registration form.

Complete the fields, including the e-mail address for the registrant family/individual.

Click 'SAVE AND CONTINUE' to submit the registration.

If the email address is new to FamilyID, an email invite will be sent to that email address requesting the individual to activate their account. The submitted registration would then become a saved registration in the account. You can also resend this invitation to the family by viewing your registrations list, selecting the down arrow next to 'VIEW' and choosing 'RESEND INVITATION'.

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