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Archive / Un-Archive Agreements and Policies

To better organize and manage old agreements and policies, you now have the ability to archive any of these. When you archive an agreement or a policy, they are listed only in the "Archived" view and are hidden from your "Active" list. This will allow you to save and store any agreement or policy program that you deemed to be useful for future use, but not have it displayed prominently in your current list.  You can always reactivate an agreement or policy by un-archiving it.

Archive Agreement / Policy

When logged in as an organization, click on the 'PROGRAMS' page on the blue bar.

Click on the 'EDIT' button to the right of the program that you wish to modify the agreement or policy.

Go to tab (5) Agreements.  This will display all your active agreements and policies for this program.  

On the 'EDIT' button to the right of the agreement or policy, select the down arrow next to it and select 'ARCHIVE'.

A popup will appear that says 'Archive Attention' select the orange 'ARCHIVE' button. 

After "ARCHIVE" is selected, the agreement or policy will be archived. The archived agreement/policy will be removed from the current active list and become part of your 'ARCHIVE AGREEMENTS AND POLICIES'.

NOTE: This agreement or policy will only be archived in this current program.  It will not be archived for other programs in your organization. 

Un-Archive Agreement / Policy

Log into your organization account and select 'PROGRAMS'.

Edit the program you wish to unarchive the agreement / policy.

On the (5) Agreements tab, click on 'ARCHIVED AGREEMENTS AND POLICIES' button.

You will see a list of your archived agreements and/or policies. Click the down arrow next to the 'EDIT' button of your agreement or policy and then click 'UN-ARCHIVE'. This will bring the agreement or policy back into your active list of agreements and policies. 
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