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Create a Program from a Template

If you are looking to create a new program but would don't want to start from scratch TEMPLATES are a great place to start. With templates, you will not have to start from scratch and you will be able to customize your form to your exact specifications. 

Create a Program from an Existing Template

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Select the blue ‘Create Program’ button and select 'USE TEMPLATE.'

Scroll down the page to browse & read the description of each template. Once you've found a template that fits your needs, select 'Show Me' to preview it.


Scroll down and review the template. Remember, this is just a framework and you can always customize it once it has been downloaded to your account.

Click 'Select & Customize' to download the template. If you want to cancel and choose a different template, press the X icon.

You will now be brought directly into your new program. Continue through tabs 1-8, making any necessary changes along the way. Make sure to review all sections, add-ons, agreements/policies, payment methods, etc.

Once you're satisfied with your changes and new program, select tab 8 'Publishing'

Under Display on FamilyID, select 'Public' to make it seen by anyone on FamilyID. Marking your program as Private means that it is hidden from registrants on FamilyID.

NOTE: If you set the Display = Private and Open Registration = Open, you can give the direct link for someone to register without opening up the entire program.

Under Open Registration, select Open. Open means that families are able to go in and register. Closed means that no participants are able to register for that program.

Under both Open REGISTRATION and DISPLAY ON FAMILYID, you will be able to change the dates. This will tell FamilyID how long to make the program Public and Open for registrations. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'APPROVE AND SAVE' button to finish creating your program.

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