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Close a Section / Set Space Limits for a Program

Close a Program:

As an organization, you may wish to close one or more sections of your program that is open for registration. If a section is closed, families will see that section as "FULL" and will not be able to register for that specific section. Set the Space Limit value = 0.

Space Limits:

If you wish to set a limit to the number of registrations for a specific section, set the Space Limit value to the maximum number of registrations allowed. Once the limit has been met, the section will appear as "FULL" and families will no longer be able to register for that specific section.

Once logged in, go to your 'PROGRAMS' tab. 'Click 'EDIT' for the Program.

Click on your (2) 'SECTIONS' tab.
For the section you want closed, click 'EDIT'.    
To close the section, set the 'Space Limit' to '0'.  To limit the number of registrations for section, enter the total number of registrations allowed. Click 'SAVE'.
Note: You can also use the 'Active Dates' marked below to set when a section will open and close.

Repeat this process for all sections that should be closed.
All Sections with a 'Space Limit' that is reached will display as 'FULL'. Any open section(s) will remain available for registration

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