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Create Your Agreements/Policies

To add an agreement or policy, log-in to your account. Go to the 'PROGRAMS' tab  and click 'EDIT' next to the Program you want to add the agreement or policy.

Click on the (5) 'Agreements/Policies' tab. Then click 'CREATE NEW AGREEMENT OR POLICY'. 


A window will display, on that screen select 'Agreement' or 'Policy'. 

A policy will display in the registration form as a read-only document. An agreement will display directly in the form and include a signature box. The agreement can be required by clicking the 'Registrant must agree' button. 

Agreement without required consent:

Agreement with required signature:

You also have the ability to require a second signature for an agreement. On the editing window, just check the Second Signature box. In the dropdown menu to the right, you have the option to select the text that will appear underneath each signature box.


An Agreement with 'Registrant must agree' selected will display like "Agreement 1".

An Agreement without 'Registrant must agree' chosen will display like "Agreement 2," offering 'Yes, I Agree' or 'No, I do not agree'.

Create an Agreement or Policy - 4.png



A Policy displays as a green button. Click the green button to display the text document.

A Policy will display as a text document when clicked.

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