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Create Your Custom Fields

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Click the EDIT button next to the program you want to edit.

Click on the (4) 'Participant' tab.

Locate the field grouping you want to add your new field by scrolling the page.

(The fields are organized by question type, for example, Primary, Additional, Contact, Home Address, Parent/Guardian, etc.)

At the top of each grouping, there is a grey bar with a '+' symbol. To add a custom field to that group of questions, click the '+' button.

The '+' button will open a new window, select CREATE NEW to add a new field or use the list to select a saved custom field.
Enter the name for the custom field.
Select the type of field you want (text field, text area, date, date range, multiple choice, single choice, file).
  • Text Field: provides a small text box for the answer
  • Text Area: offers a large text box for longer answers
  • Date: requires the user to select a specific date from a calendar, for example (physical exam date)
  • Date Range: provides a question which requires a Start and End date to be selected (transfers, eligibility questions)
  • Multiple Choice: the registrant can select multiple answers
  • Single Choice: the registrant must select one answer from the provided list
  • File Upload: allows the registrant to upload a document from their computer (physical exam form, transcript, etc.).

 Example of a Single Choice custom field:

Save the Custom Field.

It will display in the list of questions, select it as a field (by checking off the box) and click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button to save your form. 

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