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View Activity Log for Registrations

Did someone update their registration and you're not sure what information changed?
Need to know who in your organization 'approved' a registration and when?

Through the Activity view, you can see a complete log of changes made to any registration. This includes changes made by both the family and the organization. 

Registrations with unreviewed changes are easily identifiable and when a family updates their registration, you receive an email with a link directly to what has been changed! You can also Mark changes as reviewed.

View the activity log for any registration

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Select the FILLED number associated with the program whose registrations you'd like to review.

Any registration that contains an unreviewed change will display with a clock icon  to the left of the  View button. Simply select the clock icon to access the registration's history. 
If there are no unreviewed changes, select the down-arrow next to View and choose ACTIVITY to access this page.

Scroll beneath the registration summary to find a log of any changes made to this registration.

Each change includes who made the update as well as when it was made.
Unreviewed changes will display with a clock icon to the left of the change.
Expand a change by selecting the blue link associated with it.

NOTE: If a notification was sent through FamilyID using the Notify registrant of changes option, the notification itself will display in the log.

If there are unreviewed changes associated with the registration, you'll see a Mark changes as reviewed option at the top of the log.

Select Mark changes as reviewed and the clock icon(s) will no longer display.  Recent changes were marked as reviewed will also appear in the change log.

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