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Update a Registration's Balance

Accepting payment outside of FamilyID? 

When payment is completed outside of FamilyID, the registration's balance will not automatically update. Only when completing payment through one of FamilyID's payment integrations (MySchoolBucks, PayPal, Stripe) will the registration's balance update.

However, you can now manually update a registration's balance via the PAYMENTS option in the dropdown.

First, locate the registration. From the Programs tab, you can hover over the Filled number and delve into a particular section. From the People tab, you can search for the registrant. From the Reports tab, you can view the report containing the registration you'd like to update.

All the way to the right of the registration, click the down-arrow next to the View button and select PAYMENTS.

Here, if the registration has a balance, you will see a blue Record Payment button.
Select Record Payment and input an amount equal to or less than the balance due. Click Record.

The balance will now update and a record of who updated the balance, and when, will appear under Payment Transactions in the  PAYMENTS section.

To remove a recorded payment, click the red ' trash can' icon next to the word ' completed' associated with the recorded payment. Select Remove payment in the pop-up window to remove the recorded payment.

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