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Cancel a Completed Registration with No Fees

Do you need to cancel a registration? As long as there is no payment associated with your registration, you will be able to do so by following the instructions below.

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Registrations in the blue navigation bar. 

This will list all registrations in your account. This includes 'Not Submitted', 'Completed', 'Correction Required', 'Draft' and 'Canceled' registrations. Find the blue 'Completed Registrations' bar and select the Summary button associated with the completed registration you wish to cancel.

You will be brought to your Registration Summary page. On this page, you can cancel the registration by selecting the red  Cancel Registration button.

Selecting Cancel registration will prompt a confirmation box Are sure you wish to cancel this registration? Select  Yes, cancel registration to cancel the registration.

You will then be redirected back to the Registrations page where your newly canceled registration will be shown.

NOTE: Please contact your organizations with any refund questions you may have. 

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