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View Organization Notes

Organizations you sign up with can share notes and comments about your registration with you. These notes can be viewed when you are logged in to your FamilyID account. These notes include but not limited to approval status, physical expiration date or physical they have on file, imPACT testing information, etc. 

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Registrations in the blue navigation bar. 

You will then select the  Summary button associated with your registration.

If the organization has shared any notes with you, scroll down and you will see 'Memo From...' listed beneath your summary. For any questions about the information in those fields please contact the organization itself.

For any questions regarding the information provided in the Memo area such as approval status, physicals uploads, imPACT test dates, etc, please reach out to the organization you registered with directly. Your organization will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

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