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Viewing All Activity and Updates to Your Registrations

Need to know when your registration was approved? Want to review the note the organization sent with it?  You can now view a complete log of changes made to your registration. This log consists of changes made by both you, as the family and by the organization.

Log in to your FamilyID account and select Registrations in the blue navigation bar. 

This is a list of all registrations in your account. Locate your registration under the blue Completed Registrations header, click the down arrow next to the Summary button and select ACTIVITY from the dropdown menu. 

You can click to view Activity, Emails, or Attendance associated with your registration. 
Displayed are any changes made by your registration, emails sent, or attendance that has been taken by your organization since completion. Each item includes who made the change and when. Select the blue link associated with the field name to expand the selection. This log consists of updates made by you, updates made by the organization, and notifications sent to you by the school through FamilyID. 

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