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Paying Online via Logging into PayPal or PayPal's Credit/Debit Card Option

If PayPal is the payment processor chosen by your organization, whether you choose to log in to your PayPal account or Pay with Debit or Credit, both options are being processed by the PayPal website. 

PayPal has strict guidelines for approving payments in order to protect your security. Common reasons for payments being red-flagged include mismatched information, inactive accounts, account limits reached, etc.
If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to pay online via PayPal, contact PayPal directly. FamilyID does not have access to financial information. PayPal can be reached at 888-221-1161. Please ask to speak with Merchant Services. You may also email PayPal at

On your registration summary, select the blue Pay & Submit button in the Payment Details to continue with payment. 

This will bring you to a Registration Checkout page where you select the blue  Proceed to Payment button to continue. 

From this page, you can either log in and pay via your PayPal account  or checkout as a guest and with a credit/debit card. 

To pay via logging into your PayPal account, enter your credentials, select how you want to pay and click  Continue. 

To checkout as a guest and Pay with Debit or Credit Card simply enter your card details and choose to Continue in order to complete payment.

Once complete, you'll be brought back to FamilyID where you'll see a Paid payment status. If your payment status reads as  Pending,  wait a minute and then refresh your page as PayPal is simply confirming your payment. Once refreshed, your status should then read Paid.

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