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Register Multiple Participants for the Same Program

After completing the first participant's registration, select Register Another Person on the summary page. This will take you to a new form for the   same program registration. 


Select your  Section for your next participant.


Under the  Participant Information area, click on the grey bar that states Click here to SELECT or CREATE participant.    


To register a new family member, select the CREATE NEW participant option from the list. To register an existing family member, select the name of that family member from the list. The form will populate with any data that has been saved in the system.


Once completed, select the  Continue button where you can review your registration before submitting the form.

Note: If you have not filled in all fields with a red asterisk, then the form will NOT continue and will bring you back up to the areas you have missed.  

A summary of the registration will be displayed. In order to submit your registration, you will have the option to either select the  Pay & Submit button if the organization is taking online payment or the Submit button if the organization is not taking payment through FamilyID. 

NOTE: For offline payments or payments that are not received through FamilyID, please follow further payment instructions listed on the form or reach out to your organization directly for more information. 
Pay & Submit Option (Online Payment Method): For online payment with a PayPal account, Credit or Debit card, proceed to complete payment. When the registration has been paid for successfully, your registration will be complete. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Submit Option (Offline Method): After you have clicked the Submit button, your registration will be complete and you will receive an email confirmation from us.;


When you have successfully submitted your registration, you will see a summary page of your registration that states  REGISTRATION STATUS: COMPLETED. You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with your FamilyID account. 

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